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Platforms for disabled people – lifting equipments and platforms.

Nowadays all around the world at the stage of engineering, during construction and building renovations began to apply platforms, lifting equipments for disabled people. Under the current program "Accessible Environment" lifting equipments for disabled people are essential part of every modern building. Lifting equipments differ by type and functions they have.

Platforms with vertical movement. Platform stairlifts. Mobile stairclimbers.

If a man full of strength and health is suddenly isolated from his normal way of life because of simple cold then this factor depresses the sick man.  But what can we say about people’s feelings by virtue of one or other circumstances happened to be embinded to the wheelchair and are forced to use platforms for disabled people. Life of this man abruptly and sometimes even irrevocably changes.

Many public places are simply not adopted for people who are forced to move in wheelchairs. There are no lifting platforms or any of lifting equipments for wheelchair users.

European directives provide the possibility of unimpeded access to social infrastructure for disabled people. Therefore, it is necessary to install such kind of equipments for disabled people in public places like lifting platforms, outdoors lifts and other equipments designed to ease the access of disabled people to social infrastructure. 

Regulations approved by the government foreseen the installation of different lifting platforms for disabled people. But in practice very often there is no even outdoor lift for disabled people. Lifting devices for wheelchair users can be different: lifting platforms, platform stairlifts, chairlifts, outdoor lifting platform for disabled people etc.

A whole set of regulations is aimed to create an accessible environment for disabled people at the design stage of the building. That is why in modern buildings built in recent years the lifting platforms for disabled people already are foreseen.

If the possibility of movement for disabled people in public places in recent years have increased significantly and became foreseen at the design stage of buildings, the problems with lifting platforms for disabled people in public transport are much complicated. Old cars do not allow the installation of lifts or lifting platforms for disabled people. There are very few new cars models with wide doorways and lifting platforms for disabled people so we could talk seriously about the solution of this problem.

Meanwhile to solve the problem of lifting equipments for disabled people is possible quite easy and originally.

Lifting platforms for disabled people can be placed very compactly in the public transport doorway and if necessary be operated with the simple mechanism.  The advantage of such platforms for disabled people is evident already in the testing phase.

Moreover apart of the lifting platforms it is possible to use other types of equipment in the public transport. This can be chairlifts that are presented in different models and also mobile lifting equipments for wheelchair users. The lifting device models for wheelchair users allow the possibility to transport this compact equipment with them. This option is not always convenient that is why the necessity of lifting platforms for disabled people creation fully lies on the government. If to wait help from the government is useless in this case different organizations or private persons can independently purchase the lifting platforms for disabled people.

If you wait for help from the state does not have to, organizations or individuals can acquire self-elevating platform lifts for disabled persons.

Different models of lifting platforms that we offer can simplify the lives of people who are forced to move in a wheelchair. These lifting equipments can be used both in buildings and also in public transport.

You can find all technical data of different types of lifting equipment here:

Offered lifting platforms are ment for equipping of public and industrial buildings with aim to provide the access for wheelchair users and others groups of people with limited mobility.

The lifting platforms offered by our company can be operated both indoors and outdoors.

Lifting equipment for the groups with limited mobility can be: vertical, inclined (the movement along the stairs) and mobile stairclimbers.

VIMEC company is a world leader in manufacture of lifting equipment for disabled people. Since 2006 our company represents VIMEC company in the Baltic States. For more information about VIMEC products visit:






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