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platfLeveling loading docks - are indispensable for loading and unloading, allowing you easily overcome the height difference between the height of the vehicle body and the warehouse floor. As a result, less time is needed for loading and unloading and also reduces the possibility of damage the goods. Electro hydraulic leveling platform provides direct access of loader from the dock into the vehicle body.

The length of the platform depends on the difference between the levels of truck floor and ramp. Width - the width is determined by the inside part of the truck body or container and the accuracy that truck drivers can provide at the entrance to the ramp. There are various models of loading platforms - for installation in a niche or frame, with a retractable, telescopic or swivel lip. It is possible to manufacture the platform in stainless steel. In addition to leveling platforms TRANSLYFT offer a full range of equipment for loading and unloading ramps: folding and inflatable shelters, folding bridges, transfer tambours, automatic entry and garage doors.


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