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The budget version of the lifting platform. Platform has a number of additional functions when using it for people with limited mobility, such as safety level, the device against the platform falling in case of the cable break, additional protections as barriers and doors. The drive has a manual release and gradual lowering of the platform in case of the power loss. 

ecopm polThe original design of the platform and reliable electromechanical drive in combination with easy installation and low cost makes this platform one of the most popular. Widely used in residential apartment buildings, private homes as well as the public buildings that are required to be accessible for the people with limited ability. Unlike other similar products the lifting platform ECOPM keeps its consumer and operational qualities for a long time.


2European directives provide technical standards for installation and assembly of such vertical platforms in residential houses and other public places.

This allows the client to design a place for the vertical platform in compliance with all rules and regulations at the design stage of the building or in the future with the additional installation of the special lifting devices for disabled people.

 cimg2168 Lifting platforms with vertical displacement are ment for public, industrial and residential buildings, passages - all places where it is necessary to move vertically between different levels and where is no possibility to equip an appropriate ramp in order to ensure the availability of such places for disabled people in wheelchairs and other groups of people with limited mobility.

pict2Lifting platforms with vertical displacements (lifts) with travel till 4.5 meters offered by our company are ment to equip public and industrial buildings, private houses in order to ensure accessibility for disabled people in wheelchairs and other groups with limited mobility.

If there is a space between the stairs it is possible to install indoors such kind of lift which doors can be opened on three sides. Lifts with panoramic or closed shaft can be also installed outdoors, for example if the entrance to the building is from the balcony.

115Inclined platforms of this type would be a good solution for disabled people who use wheelchairs or elderly people who are not able to raise up the stairs without exterior help. In this case inclined platforms for disabled people make the descend and ascend much easier. Lifting platforms are all-purpose devices for passaging the stair steps that can be used by various groups of people even young mothers with baby carriages. Taking into consideration high capacity of such lifting platforms there are practically no difficulties when this platform is used by disabled people.

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Platforms for disabled people – lifting equipments and platforms.

Nowadays all around the world at the stage of engineering, during construction and building renovations began to apply platforms, lifting equipments for disabled people. Under the current program "Accessible Environment" lifting equipments for disabled people are essential part of every modern building. Lifting equipments differ by type and functions they have.

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Stairclimber  ROBY T09 (older model VIMEC T08) gives wheelchair users the chance to overcome architectural barriers whether indoors or outdoors which impede the free movement of a person in a wheelchair.

It is designed and constructed to overcome the barrier with attendant during the movement. Special prehensile rubber tracks guarantee a good coupling with the stairs without any traces left.   

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Such mobile lifting platforms are indispensable for transport stations where the platforms are not equipped for landing of passengers with limited mobility, as well as historical places where there is no possibility to install a stationary lift for disabled people. Very often mobile lifting equipments are used for disabled people during conferences, meetings or just when meetings are organized where disabled people can present.



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